Name: Martin Üz, a.k.a. Ichor

Affiliation: Solitary

Height: Variable

Weight: Unknown

Eye Color: Nonexistent (green)


Martin Üz, a.k.a. Ichor, started his criminal career as a petty cutpurse and all around scoundrel. He was brought to justice for the first time following the events outside of St. Catherine's breadline. After a brief stint in Bethlam Royal Hospital (for exposure to Shadowfel influence), Martin Üz somehow "slipped through the cracks" and later emerged as the parahuman Ichor. How Üz achieved this hideous transformation during his incarceration is unknown. Since that time, however, Ichor has been responsible for several high profile robberies throughout the city.

While Üz was little concern for The Ministry, Ichor has become a consistent problem for many field agents intent on his capture. Ichor's physical form is primarily composed of a yet-to-be-determined organic slime capable of rapid reconfiguration: effectively, Üz can assume any shape he desires for (presumably) an indefinate amount of time. Typically green in nature, Ichor has been identified as yellow, red, and brown by several eyewitnesses. The variation in color seems to hold no real bearing on Ichor's abilities at this time. Finally, several agents have reported the existence of a humanoind skull embedded within Ichor's biomass. The purpose or function of this grisly and seemingly superfluous cranium (like most of Ichor's existence) has yet to be determined.


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