"Big" Ben Lancaster

A dedicated Ministry coachman.


Initiative: +6                            Senses: Perception +4

HP: 37     Bloodied: 18

AC: 15; Fort 12, Ref 14, Will 12

Speed 5

The Stool (Standard; At Will) * Weapon

+4 vs. AC; 1d6+1 damage

"Not on My Watch!" (Standard; Encounter) * Weapon

 Requires The Stool; +4 vs. AC; 1d6+1 damage, the target is knocked prone, and Ben shifts two squares

Skills Streetwise +9

Str 12      Dex 13      Wis 11

Con 14     Int   9       Cha 12


"Big" Ben Lancaster was conscripted into The Ministry shortly after fending off a group of goblinoids from stealing his coffer one evening. As the story goes, Ben fought back against a group of disgruntled laborers armed with nothing more than a wooden stepping-stool. Shortly after the attack, it was noted that Ben had very well seen the Shadows for what they were but chose to fight all the same. This impressive display earned him an invitation to The Ministry as a dedicated coachman for field operatives.

Today, Ben has endured the demanding career as a Ministry coachman despite the risk and grueling hours associated with the job.

"Big" Ben Lancaster

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