The Wretched


The most abundant and rapidly growing population of Shadows in the world are known as The Wretched. While some are still human in many aspects, The Wretched have demonstrated a wide array of mutations that have seperated them from the rest of humanity. For some, these changes are easily disguised, allowing for infiltration in the lower tiers of society. For others, the extent of the Shadowfel's corruption has warped them beyond recognition, forcing them into a bleak existence as a hulking monstrosity devoid of any shred of humanity.The grim reality of The Wretched is that each has a unique make up that seperates them from their kin. To this end, while many Wretched demonstrate similar mutations, no two creatures are ever identical.


Wretched Fangs

Wretched Brute

Wretched Lasher


The Wretched

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