The Summit of Emerging Technologies

From the desk of Lord Barrington the First

The Ministry (and comparable foreign agencies) would find its task of national security in the face of Shadowfel influence nigh impossible if not for the leaps and bounds that technology has taken in the past one hundred years. Realizing this, The Ministry and its European allies have worked tirelessly to develop new and effective measures in dealing with Shadow entities.

To help further and share these developments with our comrades in arms, The Summit of Emerging Technologies was established as a means to unite the World's brightest minds in a glorious invention (all in the name of national security.) 

The 1771 Summit is to be held in Koblenz, Germany and is headed by Austria's own Professor T. Lugae; a leading contributor to the advancement of Shadow study and research.

In Attendance will be premier scientific minds such as England's William Herschel, Italy's Alesandro Volta, Germany's Viktor Frankenstein, and The Ministry's own Jonathan Fiser.

In addition to the discussion and demonstration of each contributor's inventions,  the summit will also vote on the readiness of the general public for these discoveries. 

The Summit of Emerging Technologies

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