The Ministry

Location: Greenwich, Greater London

Director: Lord  Richard Barrington

Est. Staff: 200+ Human and Parahuman opertaives, agents, and support staff in the greater London Area.

  The palacial Barrington Estate has served as The Ministry's headquarters since its creation. The mansion stands at two stories above ground and a reported three below (although these floors are only a rumor to new arrivals)and is considered the largest law enforcement agency in the country, save for the projected facilities for Scotland Yard.

  The mansion is used for several peace keeping purposes necessary for The Ministry's day to day operations. On the first floor, the mansion serves as a garrison for most of the rank and file operatives and agents. On the second floor, research facilities have been added for continued developments in both science and arcane pursuits. The lower levels contain detention assorted cells, vaults, and archives for confiscated property and criminals until they can be permanently detained. Finally, scattered throughout the whole of the building, are the supervisory offices necessary to keep the operation running smoothly.

  To date, there hasn't been a single successful attack on The Ministry or its grounds. There has been but one escape from the detention facilities and no significant thefts from the vaults or archives. As new acquisitions arrive on a daily basis, the security requires an equal amount of attention to maintain these levels of success.

The Ministry

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