The Man from Bexley

Type: Published, Tabloid, Civilian Rumors

Reward: 1,000 pounds sterling

Public Response: Severe

Media Coverage: Consistent


Shots were fired yesterday outside Buckingham Palace as The Man from Bexley was reportedly seen somewhere over the Westminster area. The unidentified Man from Bexley, originally reported to be a hoax by royal officials, has been popping up all over the greater London area since as early as December of last year. Since then, there have been 5 confirmed sightings throughout the city. 

The Man from Bexley, so named for the location of his first appearance, caught the public's eye for literally hovering several hundred meters over significant landmarks within the city. City officials refused to comment on these appearances, hinting strongly that this is just another urban myth best ignored.

 Update: January 21, 1771

The Man From Bexley was sighted over London Bridge today. As spectators gathered to look on, a group of heavily armed men arrived and chased off the crowd, threatening any who remained within eyesight of the group. This volatile situation has lead authorities to suspend the offered reward of one-thousand pounds sterling until further notice.

The Man from Bexley

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