Bethlem Royal Hospital

Location: Moorfields, London

When The Ministry fails to keep Shadow activity from warping the minds of the citizenry, there is only one recourse: Bethlem Royal Hospital of Moorfields. 

Originally a priory for The Order of the Star of Bethlehem,  the hospital now houses some of the most disturbed and dangerous minds the country has to offer. The hospital has done well to contain the threat these individuals have posed on society for hundreds of years, and will continue to do so.

The services this establishment has provided to both the country and The Ministry have been essential in keeping the populace from experiencing the true horrors of the world. For those considered curable, the process of forgetting or otherwise convincing them of what they witnessed to be false is a simple task indeed. For the truly warped and depraved, however, patients are committed for life. To this end, the hospital houses many of the individuals deemed harmless enough to not require continued incarceration at The Ministry proper.

Unfortunately, the hospital itself (often referred to as Bedlam) has developed a sort of side show appeal, with its directors allowing admission to view its patients. While this poses no significant threat to national security, these viewings must be monitored quite extensively by Ministry agents to ensure nothing goes awry.

Bethlem Royal Hospital

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