Autopsy Report

Date: January 15, 1771

Time: 9:30PM

Pathologist: Dr. Charles Winchester


The remains of a derelict were brought into my offices late in the evening. The investigators responsible for the subject's death did significant damage to the cranial and thoracic regions. The subject also suffered from frost bite in the major extremities (Whether this is the result of the subject's living conditions or his untimely apprehension has yet to be determined.)

The result is an incomplete analysis at this time.

The subject has demonstrated several unique biological components that separate it from the typical human refuse found within the East End.

The most noticeable attribute is the existence of three talon-like claws growing along three of the subject's fingers (The digitus secundus, digitus quartus, primus.) These claws, when retracted, extend far up into the subject's forearms. This deformity may have resulted in extensive damage to the subject's musculature during development.

Secondly, many of the subject's teeth, the canines in particular, have grown to absurd proportions. These fangs appear to be the result of continued  deformation of the subject's jaw structure.

Finally, I have identified a series of small venom glands located in the subject's upper gingiva.  I have identified the venom as a potent sedative with paralytic properties if large doses can be administered.

I understand that there were possibly four to five other individuals demonstrating these same mutations. I believe recovering more of these creatures would help complete this research. . .

Autopsy Report

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