Miles Lecreulx

With a smirk and nod, sparks fly from his gloves and his backpack whirls with precise, calculated power; he's ready to work.




Miles Lecreulx was taught under the great Jean-Baptiste de Voglie as per request of his Father, the boss of the "Corps of Bridges and Roads" in Italy. de Vogile was known for his pieces of architecture but secret had a passion for energy and gadgets and he bestowed this knowledge to his boss's son. Teaching Miles what he could, de Vogile saw a similarity between Miles and this new raw power called Electricity, both had profound limits of stamina and were, at times, uncontrollable. 


Miles learned what he could and applied it to his projects, creating devices of splendor and function, becoming one with machine. The turn of the decade yielded a new spark in the young boy, and de Vogile saw this. Unbeknownst to Miles's father,  Miles had been bitten by the wanderlust bug and Italy was no more the bed of hot activity and wonder to the young man, he felt had a bigger purpose. Miles was the heir to the Engineering Corps, but saw greater meaning in his life than managing bridge and road construction, so he devised a plan to escape…


Details of the escape are unknown to most people except his father and de Voglie. What is public knowledge is that the the Steinerner Steg Bridge was caught in a terrible accident, involving reconstruction materials, brick layers, and a strange series of explosions. This was a plan gone awry, as Miles was planning to stage an escape that turned into a botched suicide and the murder of 4 bridge workers. Seeming like he died in the mayhem, Miles took to the streets, escaping as fast as he could from his beloved Italy, he managed to escape his father, but worst, he escaped his teacher and mentor, knowing his plan, though miscalculated, was effective in removing all ties to his past life.


The future never seemed so polished and well-oiled, but the cool, crisp understanding of gadgets and metal tends to be lonely and sullen. 

Miles Lecreulx

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