Fr. Calhoun Harkin

An older, robed man. Cal's wiry, white beard shakes with the uttering of words, words of prayer to the savior above.


AC: 12

FORT: 11

REF: 13

WILL: 17


Wielding  a dagger, mostly held like a cross. 

Wearing: Robes depicting the religion of Christianity.


Interested in:

Carrying a piece of the True Cross in the form a standard of Healing. 


Beaten by his mother, and rejected by his father. Calhoun's suffering was eased by the faith in his lord. The torment of the body and mind can be overcome by the spiritual faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Things can be "explained" by science, but their true purpose and creation delves from a deeper meaning – God's Power. 


Fr. Calhoun Harkin

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