Raymond Hobbe

Research Division: Level 1. Emerging Technologies Sub-Group Seventeen: Incorporeal or Otherwise Insubstantial Entities Expert.


Raymond Hobbe is one of two individuals (the other being Jonathan Fiser) in The Ministry's research division dedicated to understanding incorporeal or otherwise insubstantial entities spawned from the foul corruption of Shadowfel Influence, or more simply: ghosts.

Hobbe has dedicated most of his career with The Ministry to documenting, analyzing, and exorcising ghosts and similar undead. For this reason, he is considered the leading authority on such creatures and has become an invaluable asset to organization.

Unlike most agents in the Research Division, Hobbe frequently takes his experiments to the field in order to perfect his craft. A self proclaimed "scientific exorcist", Hobbe utilizes a wide variety of weaponry specifically designed to eliminate his quarry. Unfortunately, the cost for this success is well documented in the staggering amount of Residuum used to power his creations. This is, of course, a small price to pay for national security.

Recently, Hobbe has started developing a means to properly incarcerate ghosts and their kin, but this has met with little success.

Raymond Hobbe

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