The Ministry

Deeper into Darkness

Written on blue-print, the outer-most rolled sheet out of 2.


January 24th 1771 

Jack, Reinny, myself, and the newest of members, a healthier "Quincy" set off to our midnight meeting at the Globe. We were picked up by some sort of spectral coach, guided by the most peculiar of drivers. I say spectral, not because of the some ghostly image or power of flight, but because of the resulting madness it had on us. The coach was destined for death as during the trip it was headed for a cliff’s edge. While we tried to exit the coach as soon as we could, cupboards above us sprang to life and exited from inside were strange, animated hand creatures. Not made by mechanical, but rather necromantic means, these hands used all of their power to distract us from destroying the coach’s barricaded door. Once we made it out of the coach, we realized that the whole death-aimed trap was all an illusion, put on by some toying force. The cliff melted away and we realized that we were in the middle of a woods, with no path to guide us away- we were here to stay. 

In the middle of this clearing, a mansion rested. This mansion boasted strange, moving lights and a giant double door. Upon entering the building, we walked into the middle of a party scene, with thoe most disturbing of guests. These people where lorded over by the twin jesters and they immediately began to attack us, right in the hall. Realizing that these guests were under similar spectral string control to that of the “puppet master”, the jesters each took off in opposite direction, leaving us to play cat in this cat and mouse game.

Choosing a door and beginning our pursuit, we had the lovely time of wandering somewhat aimless amidst the collection of clothes, props and garment racks. Like a diabolical Macy’s, we tried to use our skills, intelligence, and tools to help us find the other end. There was something most terrifying about the maze, Quincy pointed out that a wrong turn might yield an unwelcoming kidnapping at the hands of these transparent tentacles. I tried to used my sense of construction and general design as we approached each turn and tunnel, but the overall concept of the maze was truly a sight to behold. The roof went upwards and onwards to yards at a time, and the stacking of clothes and racks was an OCD nightmare. We managed to reach the end of our maze, and matched sword and spell with a ghastly screamer. 

This screamer, whose face was covered with a theater mask, was a strain on our resources and skills. I tried my best to formulate a plan that would yield success, and if not for the brawn of Reinny and Jack, the screamer might have had itself a good yell. Quincy was throwing sorcery and spell at the creature, as well as monitoring one of the jesters that made our efforts more difficult from a balcony above. Felling the creature, we found one of the silver keys required of us in the main Hall, and a passage that lead back. I think quantifying our efforts and recording our passage in this mansion is best of our time, as we do not know what lies deeper in the house, or who may meddling with our minds. A solid record of our experiences may be worth the time, should our brains turn into vanilla pudding.




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