The Ministry

From the pages of Father Calhoun's journal

January 15th 1771

Meeting three strange gentlemen inside this large establishment, I think we are going to set forth on an enlightened journey. Led into the depths of the building, our eyes set upon a tortured soul, a sailor was transformed in front of our very eyes into a demonic creature. This set the groundwork for our nobel cause, cleansing London's depths of the most wretched and foul spawns that lurk in the shadows.

Our destination was the River Lee, where several attacks were recored in the East end. There we were to find Niles Haman, an inside man who had information regarding these attacks in River Lee. 

The streets of London proved to be a rather unthreatening place, harboring evils and villains of unspoken power. Arriving at the East End, we met with Niles and learned of an eye witness to the attacks, Jarald Miller, a beggar, has gone missing. Our paths split as we were confronted with two areas of interest

St. Cathren's Cathedral – Home to Father Abner, a man of similar cloth as myself.

and Bernard Bernard – A local trader, rabble, and scavenger of the streets.

Reinheardt Russ and myself decided to see St. Cathren's while Quincy and Jack questioned Bernard Bernard


The homeless and the priest seemed to emit a most uneasy atmosphere, one that I felt was unlike a church with vested and worthy causes. Quincy and Jack met with troublesome times from their interrogation, and we were jumped in the streets by strange, lizard-like creatures. One of these creatures was brought back to the Ministry for an autopsy and it's report was delivered in the morning. 

The night was met with strange dreams by all of us, ones that depicted pain and turmoil in the River Lee. We all were warned to stay away from this strange apparitions "flock" a term used by Father Abner. I, in particular, had my reservations about attacking a man of the cloth, but I felt the greater good was at stake here. I should have mentioned to the team that my dream also continued on, ending with me laying at the feet of a giant creature, I did not want the others to detract from the mission at hand, and it was unmentioned by the others that they shared the vision.  Perhaps opening my holy text shall relieve me of my distraught.

Mark 16:16 "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned"  



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