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1771: The British Empire reaches its tenth year under the rule of King George III. It is a time of expansion and suspicion. As the Empire marches onward to a brighter and glorious future, it is faced with increasing turmoil on a global level.

To the east, old alliances begin to crumble as European rivals  develop into their own superpowers. With the world's political climate rapidly changing, the Empire's greatest achievements run the risk of being undermined in the ensuing power struggles.

To the west, the American colonies have become plagued with dissent and rebellion. The possibility of revolution hangs on the horizon like a great storm. . .

Despite all that man has learned, there is a great many things it has forgotten; terrible, old things that lurk in the shadows and recesses of society. The move towards progress has rendered man blind to the horrors that grow around him. The splendor of magic has made way for the rugged reality of science.

Still, remnants of the past stir in the darkness; preparing to return to the civilized world. When this occurs, someone must stand against them to maintain order. These men, armed with steel and a strong will to guide it, are the only defense against this darkness. 

They are The Ministry, and they are always watching.


The Ministry

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